Online Reputation Management for Doctors, Dentists & Attorney’s

Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management is the process of taking the correct steps for taking full control of the search results related to you our your company by removing, replacing or diminishing unwanted information found on the internet with hundreds to thousands of new websites, new listings and positive press. In the case you do not have any negative information on the internet, they can use our reputation protection service to protect their reputation for the future.

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 How does it work?

We begin by cleansing your reputation with traditional and proprietary proactive actions to contest, successfully remove or replace complaints from their source or correct information found in Google, Yahoo, Bing, White-pages, Yellow-pages, Directories, Blogs, Social Media, Comment Boards, Reviews Websites, News Stories and Industry Specific websites.

Then we protect your reputation for the future by diminishing the unwanted information and replace the top search results with the correct information using the force of 100′s to 1000′s of new listings, new reviews and positive press.
Lastly, Reputation Saviour takes legal, industry standard and proprietary actions to hand-design hundreds to thousands of new online profiles and ads using our proprietary list of 2000+ Top Tier Search Engines, Yellow Pages, White Pages, B2B Directories, Classifieds, Social Media, Reviews, Blogs, Article, PR and Industry websites.

What does it cost?

The recommended price of your campaign will depend upon your situation, since all situations are singularly unique. Prices are broken down into personal campaigns for keywords like your personal name or corporate keywords such as your company name, brand names and domain names. The size and length of your campaign would depend on how many negative links appear in the search results and how long they have been there. This will help us determine whether we need to list your company on 100 of the top websites or do we need to create 10′s of thousands of new links.

When dealing with multiple sources of negative information, continuous attacks or long-term problems, we will recommend a month-to-month campaign for long-term reputation protection and reduction of any new unwanted information.

Our ultimate goal is to diminish or remove any negative information found on the internet and replace it with hundreds to thousands of new websites, new listings, new articles and new reviews. Best of all, with Reputation Saviors, 100% of our customers always make more money in increased sales, web traffic and brand improvement than it will ever cost for reputation management.

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