Online Marketing for Doctors, Dentists & Attorney’s

Online Marketing for Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys

Online Marketing for Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys


Online Marketing involves getting your company listed on the top ranking websites where people are looking for your products or services. The most popular ways in which customers will look for you is through the online directories, local search, social media, classifieds, comparison shopping and industry specific websites. We have developed a proprietary list of over 2000+ top ranking websites in each category where you need to be found. On each of those websites it is important to have a specialist who knows these websites select the appropriate category and key-words to place on your listings. Furthermore, we also know on which websites can you upgrade your listings to reach the most amount of your target customers.

Are you listed?

The first question you should ask is, how many of the online yellow-page directories, white-pages and local search engines are you currently listed on? Out of our list of the top 100 yellow-page directories, most who costact us are in no more than 10-40 of these sites. Of those sites, rarely have they been claimed by the customer in order to secure, get access and to make changes to improve the listing. Out of the 50+ Doctor Shopping sites like Healthgrades and, how many are you listed on?

How does it work?

- Your dedicated Reputation Saviour specialist selects from the 2000+ top ranking websites on our list, the most relevant sites where potential customers are looking for your products or services

- Your technical specialist researches the categories, competitors and key-words to be used on the recommended websites to find the best selections to reach your customer and to out-rank your competition

- Your specialist hand designs each profile, picture, video and advertisement, placing the proper information in the proper places in order to fulfill your ultimate goals

What does it cost?

The recommended price of your campaign will depend upon your goals and the number of locations you have. For each individual location, we create another set of 100-2000+ listings. We price the online marketing campaign based on hand designing each 100 links at a time from each category of websites. Furthermore, we help you select which of the websites is worth upgrading, at an additional cost, to reach a wider area or to reach more key-words on those websites.

By using Reputation Saviour, your company will get more visits to your website, more likes on your social media, more incoming phone calls, more leads and more customer visits to your offline store.

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