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About Reputation Saviour


Reputation Saviour’s has built the most experienced team of reputation management consultants and search engine experts in the online reputation management business. Our experience and leadership in online reputation management stems from founder Chris Edwards. He has 20 years of experience in building online brand, comparison-shopping and search engine optimization.

 Chris Edwards is the founder of off-line and online comparison shopping in 1994 and a previous CEO of shop.com. At shop.com, he started in online reputation management in August 2002 with an online brand management campaign for IBM Affiliates Worldwide. Since then, the Reputation Saviors team of reputation management consultants and Internet SEO technicians have gained experience in all types of reputation problems from removing complaints, combating attacks to protecting and improving your brand. Our lawyer referral service can provide representation for you or your company’s identity theft, privacy, trademarks, copyrights, slander, stalking, bullying and other issues.

Since 1994, our owners have specialized in online reputation management, online marketing and search engine optimization for hundreds of companies including IBM, Hotwire, Local Businesses, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers and Pro Sports Players. Since then, we’ve become the best in removing, replacing and diminishing any negative information that shows up on the internet, while also making your company more money at the same time because of the online marketing aspects of our work.

Our team has advanced on the knowledge of online shopping, search engines, directories, local searching and social media in order to develop traditional and proprietary techniques for diminishing, replacing and removing negative information from it’s source on the web as well as boosting your reputation and protecting your future.

Are you a candidate for Online Reputation Management?

Have you ever had this type of information show up on the Internet that reflects negatively on you or your company such as: negative reviews, incorrect information, public records, court records, rumors, slander, blog comments, news articles, images, video’s, competitors or employee attacks?

Are you a candidate for Online Marketing?

Have you taken the time to get you or your company listed in all the major directories, local search, social media and classified websites?

Are you a candidate for Search Engine Optimization?

Does your website not show up in the Google search results for the top searched key-words in your industry? Have you done the proper research to determine which key-words are available and which ones that might have the best return on your investment?

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